Comparative Urban Politics: Theory and Practice

This course covers different schools of political urban theory, from Classical urban theory, Urban regime analysis to Marxist Urban Geography, in order to analyse the role of political power and social struggles in urban politics.

In the second half of the course we look into case studies of urbanism across the world, explaining their common political-economic trajectories and power relations. Finally the course takes a more detailed look at Urban Politics in Turkey, and discusses the political dominance of mayors as a part of the authoritarian neoliberal regime in the country. It will conclude with a final lecture on the “City as Commons”.

The course will be held in English. Click here for detailed course syllabus.

Course begin: April 10th, Wednesday every week

Time in Germany: 10 -11 am

Time in Turkey: 11-12 am

*** In collaboration with the Technical University of Berlin


About the instructors

Dr. Mehmet Penpecioğlu is a city planner and urban politics scholar. He received his masters and PhD from the Middle East Technical University. He completed his postdoctoral research at TU Delft OTB. He was unlawfully expelled from his latest post at Izmir Institute of Technology. As an independent researcher, he is continuing to give lectures and to carry out research and publications in the fields of urban politics and local governments.

Dr. Ulaş Bayraktar obtained his PhD degree from Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris in political science. He researched and published mainly on urban politics, local democracy and public policies. He was expelled from his public post at the Mersin University for being among the Petitioners for Peace. He is one of the founder-partners of Kültürhane.

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