Gastro-Politics, Migration and the City


Wednesdays 12:00-14:00 CET


The course aims to discuss throughout various theoretical and methodological works to the intersecting studies of migration, gender, race, and class dimensions in the context of critical food studies and spatial-politics; targets to imagine about how we can build a gender-equal, emancipatory and solidaristic kitchen and table practice, by fusing the intimidating forms of power relations in the kitchen triangle. Thus, by considering food as an anchor for tracing the transformation of social relations and the kitchen as a nodal point, we can perhaps open a new space for a definition of value that takes care work into consideration.


A full outline of the course syllabus can be found here

Please note that there will be a preparatory meeting that will take place during the usual class hours one day before the class starts. In this meeting, we will introduce you how the platform works and we will offer technical support so that everybody is technically ready for the first session.


Nevra Akdemir is an independent feminist researcher. She completed her undergraduate studies in Econometrics, her master's degree in Development Economics, and her PhD in Urban Studies. She has a book titled Accumulation with Subcontractors: Informalization in Tuzla Shipyards Region and has articles on food studies, labour geography and migration. She continues to work at the intersection of gender, precarious working regimes, labour, migration and critical food studies.

This course is  hosted by Universität Osnabrück, Institut für Sozialwissenschaften, Institut für Migrationsforschung und Interkulturelle Studien (IMIS).